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Electronics Components

Electronics Components
Model: LCD
This is a basic 20 character by 4 line display. Utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset Interface code is freely available. You will need ~11 general I/O pins to interface to this LCD screen. Includes LED backlight.Standard HD44780 LCDs are useful for creating standalone pro..
Rs 600.00
Model: Audio Receiver
Module stereo output, built-in Bluetooth antenna structure is simple, the power supply voltage is 3.7V~5V version selection, active speakers increase Bluetooth connection function. 7PIN output interface is spacing 2.54 through-hole, 7PIN output interface is: + power, ground, left a channel, right ch..
Rs 220.00
Model: MP4/MP5
Bluetooth Usb Mp4 Video Fm Radio Kit Player1,Minimum System Power Consumption MP5 Player Circuit Module 2,200ma/5v power supply 3,Output AV signal:720P(HD) 4,Support IR(With Remote Control) 5,Support LED Display 6,Support USB/SD/MMC card 7,Support FM. 8,MP3/MP4/MP5 format co..
Rs 850.00
Model: BreadBoard
100% Brand New & High Quality! 840 Tie points 128 Groups of 5 connected terminals 8 Bus of 25 connected terminals 175 x 67 x 8mm (Products can be spliced together in the same specification) Reusable for fast build a prototype of an electronic circuit. Each unit will accept transistors, diodes, L..
Rs 110.00
Model: Jumper Wire
Breadboard Jumper Wires Male to Male 1 X 40. The item is a set of 40pcs professional and practical color Dupont jumper wire cables, which features 1pin male to 1pin male header with both ends, and is compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin headers. The jumper wire can be used for electronic pro..
Rs 85.00
Model: Power Supply Module
1. Fixed turn lamp current is 0.1 times the current value ( Used to identify whether the battery is fully charged When charging).2. Made from a dedicated benchmark IC and high-precision current sensing resistor, proving a more stable constant current, (when 20 °c to 100 °c constant current 1A, tempe..
Rs 2,600.00
Model: Integrated Circuit
CD4017 IC IN PAKISTAN Decade Cntr/Divid w/10 Decod Out, Divid-by-8 Cntr/Dvidr Multi-purpose Multi-function ic. Overview: The CD4017BM/CD4017BC is a 5-stage divide-by-10 Johnson counter with 10 decoded outputs and a carryout bit. The CD4022BM/CD4022BC is a 4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson co..
Rs 20.00
CJMCU Micro USB Interface Board Power Switch Interface
Model: CJMCU Module
This is Female MICRO USB To DIP 5-Pin Bread Board Power Supply This breadboard power supply module can easily convert power and data cable to conventional DIP 2 54mm pin Great for DIY projectsFeature:5V power supplyPackage included:1 x CJMCU Micro USB Interface Board Power Switch Interface in pakist..
Rs 30.00
DC 4.5-30V Red LED Panel Meter Digital Voltmeter 0.56 Inch
Model: Voltmeter
1. This RED DC Voltage Meter with DC4.5-30V range. It is easy to read, install and use2. And it is self-powered version and supports Reverse polarity protection.3.When the voltage is under 10V, there will 2 readings after decimal point, which mean the accuracy is 0.01 when it is under 10V; when it i..
Rs 150.00
Model: Power Supply Module
DC 5V 2.0A Power Supply Micro USB For Raspberry Pi..
Rs 220.00
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