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12V 2A Power Adapter in Pakistan
2 - 3 Days
Model: Power Adapter
12V 2A Power Adapter in Pakistan..
Rs 220.00
12V DC Fan Speed Controller
Model: Motor Speed Controller
12V DC Fan Speed Controller Simple and reliable control pulse switched between power source and the receiver. Power can come from a battery or AC adapter with adequate current capacity. Load can be any DC motor or a light bulb.Selected parameters:1. Suitable for engine speed control, eg. d..
Rs 150.00
12V DC Solenoid Valve Coil 1/2 Inch
Model: DC Valves
Description:High quality replacement part for use with pipelines in water, air and diesel applicationsActing Motion: Direct actionMedium: Air, water, dieselOperating Type: Directly drivenState: Normally closedSupply Voltage: 220V DCPipe Size: 1/2″Operating Pressure: 0kg/cm2 – 10kg/cm2Fluid Temperatu..
Rs 1,600.00
Model: Solenoid Valve
Description:High-quality replacement part for use with pipelines in water, air, and diesel applicationsActing Motion: Direct actionMedium: Air, water, dieselOperating Type: Directly drivenState: Normally closedSupply Voltage: 12VPipe Size: 1/4″Operating Pressure: 0kg/cm2 – 10kg/cm2Fluid Temperature:..
Rs 850.00
Model: Speed Controller
Specification:Control the speed of a DC motor with this controller.High efficiency, high torque, low heat generating.With reverse polarity protection, high current protection.Working Voltage: DC 12V – DC 40V.Control Power:0.01 – 400W.Static Current:0.02 A ( Standby ).PWM Duty Cycle:10% -100%.PWM Fre..
Rs 550.00
Model: Solenoid Valve
12V Solenoid Valve Coil 1 inch in Pakistan Featured here is Model 2W-250-25 of our brass valve line. This particular valve is a two-way, semi-direct lift valve with a normally closed operating position. This means that there are two ports in which media flows, the valve will open when the ..
Rs 2,300.00
Model: Instruments & Tools
140 quality jumper wireColor: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, brown, whiteBox size: 165 × 55 × 10mm;length of the line is not the same length, the length of the line, a total length of 14 length 10 each,a total of 140.140 pcs of 22 AWG solid wiresIncluding length: 2,5,7,10,12,15,17,2..
Rs 250.00
Model: Solder Pot
Using high quality stainless steel solder pot, with a high temperature, acid, abrasion resistance, non-stick tin, tin oxide surface less so; tin less, less power consumption, energy saving, long life.Effective insulation technology to shorten the melting of tin time, improve thermal efficiency,..
Rs 1,600.00
Model: Network Module
W5100 16 channel network control panel is base on a 32-bit system network relay control module, through this module can realize through the Internet or router network control relay module, so it realize the purposes of the remote control switch power supply centralized management.It can be dire..
Rs 1,400.00
Model: Motor Driver
Specification:– A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards.– This is a i2c-controlled PWM driver board with a built-in clock, which is quite different from TLC5940 series. You don’t need to continuously send signals and occupy your MCU.– 5V compatibility, which means that you can ..
Rs 450.00
Model: Relay Module
The use of the industry’s top quality optocoupler isolation, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance12V 16-Channel Relay interface board, and each one needs 15-20mA Driver Current1-16 road can be any full on / off, or any road.Equiped with high-current relay, AC250V 10A ; DC30V 10AStand..
Rs 1,300.00
Model: Memory Card
16Gb Class 10 Sumsung Micro SD CardEVO               SeriesCapacity       16GB48MB/s Memory Speed16GB CLASS 10 SUMSUNG MICRO SD CARD CAPTURE FASTERSave your precious memories—fast. This Ultra High Speed memory card is UHS-1 enable..
Rs 920.00
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