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Model: Arduino Sensor
Specification:Low-noise analog signal path.5 µs output rise time in response to step input current.50 kHz bandwidth.Total output error 1.5% at TA= 25°C, and 4% at –40°C to 85°C.Small footprint, low-profile SOIC8 package.1.2 mΩ internal conductor resistance.2.1 kV RMS minimum isolation voltage from p..
Rs 250.00
Active Buzzer Alarm Sensor Module KY-012
2 - 3 Days
Model: Arduino Module
100% Brand new and high qualityBrand new compatible passive speaker buzzer moduleFeatures control the buzzer soundsCompatible and mini designMade of PCB material..
Rs 80.00
Model: Arduino Module
Features:ADC Bit rate: 16 BitInterface Type: I2CChannels: 4 Channel AN0 AN1 AN2 AN3 or 2 differential inputsInput voltage: 2.0-5.5vChannel input voltage :0-VDDContinuous Mode: Only 150 ASingle-Shot Mode: Auto Shut-DownPROGRAMMABLE DATA RATE:8sps-860spsInput range programmed control, 7 types input ra..
Rs 340.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
DESCRIPTIONADXL335 Triple Axis Accelerometer For Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics Breakout board for the 3 axis ADXL335 from Analog Devices. This is the latest in a long, proven line of Analog Sensors– the holy grail of accelerometers. The ADXL335 is a triple axis MEMS acc..
Rs 350.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
DESCRIPTIONADXL345 Digital 3-Axis Acceleration Gravity Tilt Sensor Module. The ADXL345 is a small, thin, low -power three-axis accelerometer, can be high Up to ± 16 g acceleration with high resolution (13) measurements. Digital Outputs According to 16-bit two’s complement format, Or I..
Rs 300.00
AM2302 Temprature and Humidity Sensor in Pakistan
2 - 3 Days
Model: Arduino Sensor
The AM2302 is a wired  in a large plastic body. It is a basic, low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor. It uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air, and spits out a digital signal on the data pin (no analog input pins needed). Its fairly simple ..
Rs 550.00
Model: Arduino Boards
Thanks to Arduino Due, the user can create systems using the ARM 32-bit Cortex M3 microcontroller based on Arduino libraries. The board contains Atmel AT91SAM3X8E chipset, equipped with 54 digital inputs / outputs, of which 12 can be used as PWM outputs and 12 as analog A / C converter inputs. The c..
Rs 2,000.00 Rs 1,900.00
Arduino Joystick Module Dual-axis XY Joystick Module
Model: Arduino Modules
Analog joystick-like devices used for example Controllers PlayStation second detection directions of traffic is carried by two potentiometers - one (4.7 k Ω ) on each axle. The device also has a button activated by pressing the knob .To operate the device, all you need is a micro..
Rs 110.00
Model: Arduino Boards
Arduino Leonardo is one of the most popular versions from the series. The board contains an ATmega32u4 microcontroller equipped with 20 digital I / O, 7 of which can be used as PWM outputs (eg for motor control) and 12 as analogue inputs. The clock is clocked at 16 MHz, has 32 kB of Flash memory and..
Rs 800.00 Rs 750.00
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