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Model: Arduino Sensor Kit
Do you have a good understanding of various sensors or need a variety of them for a project? This kit includes a sensor for just about every job. With everything included in this kit, you’ll be able to sense gesture, humidity, temperature, motion, touch, sound,  and more! These are some of our ..
Rs 2,200.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
38KHz Digital IR Receiver Sensor Module For Arduino IR is widely used in remote control. With this IR receiver, the Arduino project is able to receive command from any IR remoter controller if you have the right decoder. Well, it will be also easy to make your own IR controller using ..
Rs 110.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
Arduino MEGA Sensor Shield in Pakistan motherboard will not only be extended to the steering gear line order form ad hoc Bluetooth modulecommunication interface, SD card module communication interface, APC220 radio frequency module communication interface, and RB URF v1.1 ultrasonic s..
Rs 380.00
Arduino Water Level Sensor Module in Pakistan
2 - 3 Days
Model: Arduino Sensor
Arduino Water Level Sensor module in Pakistan is an easy-to-use, cost-effective high level/drop recognition sensor, which is obtained by having a series of parallel wires exposed traces measured droplets/water volume in order to determine the water level. Easy to complete water to ana..
Rs 60.00
Model: AC Voltage Sensor
DC 0 To 25V Standard Voltage Sensor Module For Arduino module is based on a resistive divider design principles, can reduce the voltage of the input terminal connection five times, Arduino analog input voltage up to 5V, then the input voltage of the voltage detection module can not be..
Rs 50.00
Model: Arduino Module
HX711 is an electronic scale module, whose working principle is to convert the measured changes in resistance value changes, through the conversion circuit into electrical output. The module communicates with the host computer through TTL 232.AdvantagesSimple structure, easy to use, stable and relia..
Rs 180.00
IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module
2 - 3 Days
Model: Arduino Sensor
1. IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module sensor when detects an obstacle in front of the signal , the green indicator light on the board level , while low-level continuous output signal OUT port , the module detects the distance 2 ~ 30cm, detection angle 35 °, the distance can detec..
Rs 80.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
LM35 LM35DZ Temperature Sensor in Pakistan LM35 is an analog temperature sensor. The temperature is determined by measuring the output voltage of the LM35.The LM35 sensor is a high precision integrated thermoelectric sensor whose output voltage is linearly proportional ..
Rs 120.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
MQ-8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor MQ8 in Pakistan is a simple to use sensor. The hydrogen gas sensor is used in the detection of gas leakage equipment in domestic and industrial applications. Avoid alcohol vapor, kitchen fumes, LP gas and carbon dioxide. The sensitivity can be adjusted by the ..
Rs 210.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
The MQ135 Natural Gas Sensor Module in Pakistan is a module capable of detecting various types of toxic gases such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, benzene, nitric oxide, and also smoke or alcohol. The MQ-135 can measure harmful air quality gas concentrations in the range of 10 to 1000 ppm, for example: ..
Rs 210.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
This MQ7 Gas Sensor MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide in Pakistan is able to detect Carbon Monoxide CO gas, a sensor widely used in safety and residential automation projects since this gas is highly toxic to humans. Its operation is simple, when the concentration of Carbon Monoxide is above the level adjus..
Rs 210.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
1. Integrated image collecting and algorithm chip together, ALL-in-One2. Fingerprint reader can conduct secondary development, can be embedded into a variety of end products3. Users can conduct secondary development, can be embedded into a variety of end products, such as: access control, attendance..
Rs 2,750.00
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