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Model: LCDs
Popular alphanumeric LCD display, powered by 5 V. It is characterized by simple operation, high availability and numerous support for many microcontrollers.ControllingThe display can be controlled in the following modes:8 bits without reading the busy flag - eight data bus lines and two control line..
Rs 180.00
16×4 Character LCD Blue Back-light in Pakistan
2 - 3 Days
Model: LCD
16×4 Character LCD Blue Back-light in Pakistan..
Rs 480.00
240×128 Graphical Blue LCD Controller in Pakistan
Model: LCD
240×128 Graphical Blue LCD Controller in Pakistan..
Rs 3,850.00
Model: LCD
This is a basic 20 character by 4 line display. Utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset Interface code is freely available. You will need ~11 general I/O pins to interface to this LCD screen. Includes LED backlight.Standard HD44780 LCDs are useful for creating standalone pro..
Rs 600.00
Model: Arduino Modules
HC 05 HC-05 HC05 Bluetooth Module in Pakistan in Pakistan module is an easy to use Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) module, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup.Serial port Bluetooth module is fully qualified Bluetooth V2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) 3Mbps Modulation with..
Rs 400.00
Model: Arduino Module
HC-12 433Mhz Wireless Transceiver Module serial port communication module is a new-generation multichannel embedded wireless data transmission module. Its wireless working frequency band is 433.4-473.0MHz, multiple channels can be set, with the stepping of 400 KHz, and there are totally 10..
Rs 650.00
Model: Bluetooth Module
About Bluetooth HC-06 Chip:1. HC-06 Bluetooth chip protocol standards2. Operating voltage: 3.3V.3. Baud rate 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200 user can set.3. Size: 28mm x 15 mm x 2.35mm.4. Work Current 20 ~ 30MA when pairing, 8MA after paired5. Used for the GPS navigation syste..
Rs 420.00
Model: Arduino Module
The ESP8266 started a small revolution by bringing WiFi to a small and cheap package that also had enough processing power and enough pins to get small things done. Now get ready to take your bite-sized WiFi capabilities to the next level with the ESP32 Development Board!The development board b..
Rs 1,900.00
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