MQ-3 Alchohol Sensor Module MQ3 in Pakistan

MQ-3 Alchohol Sensor Module MQ3 in Pakistan




MQ-3 Alchohol Sensor Module MQ3 in Pakistan

This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath, just like your common breathalyzer. It has a high sensitivity and fast response time. Sensor provides an analog resistive output based on alcohol concentration. The drive circuit is very simple.

Description Interface (4-wire)  :

  1. VCC 5V 
  2. GND 
  3. DO digital output interface (0 and 1) 
  4. AO output analog interface board 

MQ-3 Alchohol Sensor Module MQ3 in Pakistan Description:

  1. MQ3 sensor is used for home and gas leakage monitoring equipment of the plant, suitable for alcohol detection
  2. Adjustable sensitivity (blue digital chart regulator) 
  3. The working voltage is 5V
  4. Output mode: analog output voltage, output digital (0 and 1) 
  5. Provide the hole on Board , easy to install 
  6. The PCB size: 4.5cm * 1.8cm

MQ-3 Alchohol Sensor Module MQ3 in Pakistan Manual :

  • MQ-3 sensor is the most sensitive to the alcohol gas environment. 
  • Module or alcohol concentration does not exceed a specified threshold in the case of alcohol air, digital interface DO output port high level, interface simulation A0 voltage around 0V, when the image Alcohol consumption exceeds the preset threshold, the digital interface module D0 output low voltage analog interface, A0 output will increase slowly with the effects of gas 
  • Small original digital output D0 can be connected directly to MCU, MCU to detect high level, so to detect alcohol gas 
  • Initially out small digital DO can directly drive relay module in which May include a wine alcohol switch
  • Small original digital output DO can directly drive the horn module operation, which can form a gas alarm. 
  • Small analog output board can be connected to AO and AD module. , through the AD conversion, can obtain the correct alcohol gas concentration


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