CC-CV XL4016 9A DC To DC Adjustable Buck Converter

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The DC-DC Step-Down 9A XL4016 voltage converter has the function of delivering a constant output voltage lower than the input voltage against variations in the input or load voltage. It supports output currents of up to 9A, input voltage between 8V to 40V and output voltage between 1.25V to 36V. The output voltage is selected by a multiturn potentiometer.


  1. DC-DC Buck converter: XL4016
  2. Input voltage: 8V to 40V DC
  3. Output voltage: 1.25V to 36V DC (Adjustable with potentiometer)
  4. Maximum output current: 8A (Adjustable with potentiometer)
  5. Current consumption without load: 25mA typical
  6. Output power : 300W max.
  7. Conversion efficiency (max): 94%
  8. Switching frequency: 180KHz constant
  9. Load regulation: S (I) = 1%.
  10. Voltage regulation: S (u) = 1%.
  11. Ripple: 2% (max.) 20M-bandwidth
  12. Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
  13. Schottky diode: STPS2045CT
  14. Over-temperature protection: YES (turns off the output)
  15. Short circuit protection: YES (up to 12A)
  16. Current limiting protection: YES
  17. Protection against polarity inversion: NO
  18. Dimensions: 65mm * 48mm * 24mm (length * width * thickness)

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Adnan Irshad - July 07, 2022