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Model: Motor Drivers
L9110S Dual DC Motor Driver H-bridge Stepper Motor controller module uses L9110 IC, which makes it possible to control one Stepper Motor or two DC Motors . The supply voltage is from 3 V to 12 V. Continuous current up to 800 mA. The module is equipped with a 6-pin goldpin st..
Rs 150.00
Model: Power Supply
LM2596 Adjustable Voltage Converter with Display..
Rs 380.00
Model: Arduino Module
Module parameters:1.single module can drive an 8 * 8 common cathode lattice2.module operating voltage: 5V3.with four screws hole, aperture 3mm, Our M3 Tongzhu fixed4.modules with input and output interface, supports multiple modules cascadeWiring instructions:Module on the left as an input port, out..
Rs 250.00
Model: Arduino Module
MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix 8-Digit Digital Tube Display Module is compatible with 5V and 3.3V microcontrollers. You you can use it for Arduino MAX7219 is an integrated serial input / output common-cathode display driver, which connects your microprocessor to a 7-segment digital ..
Rs 250.00
MAX7219 Led Dot Matrix Module Self Assembled
Model: Arduino Modules
Model:MAX7219Can drive an 8 x 8 common cathode latticeModule with input and output interfaces, supports multiple modules cascadeThe left of the module has an input port and the right an output portThe control of a single module, simply input port to the CPUMultiple modules cascade input termination ..
Rs 250.00
MFRC522 RC522 RFID Card Reader Writer Module
New -14 % SOLD OUT
Model: RFID Module
Mifare RC522 is the highly integrated RFID card reader which works on non-contact 13.56mhz communication, is designed by NXP as a low power consumption, low cost and compact size read and write chip, is the best choice in the development of smart meters and portable hand-held devices.MF RC522 use th..
Rs 280.00 Rs 240.00
Nextion TFT LCD HMI 3.2 inch
New 2 - 3 Days
Model: Nextion LCD
Nextion LCD TFT HMI Display allows users to design their own interfaces all by themselves, even if they don’t have any coding background knowledge.Nextion LCD can work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi A+, B+ as well as Raspberry Pi 2/3. It is the best solution to replace traditional TFT LCD ..
Rs 3,700.00
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