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Arduino Sensors

Arduino Sensors
Model: Arduino Sensor
1. Onboard TTP223 touch capacitive touch sensor IC2. On-board-level status indicator3. Working voltage: 2.0V-5.5V4. PCB board size: 29 (mm) x16 (mm)Package Included:1 x TTP223 Capacitive Touch Sensor..
Rs 140.00
Waterproof DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor
Model: Temp. Sensor
Universal digital temperature sensor based on the DS18B20 system in a waterproof housing with a cable. The ideal solution for the construction of arduino systems with temperature measurement.The leads are insulated wires:VCC power supply - redGND mass - black or green1-wire data - white or yell..
Rs 230.00 Rs 220.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
water flow sensor mainly through the plastic bodies, the flow of rotor components and hall sensors. it is used in the water inlet of the water heating, to the flow of water, when the water rotates by the water flow rotor components / the magnetic rotor and the speed varies with the flow rate, and th..
Rs 500.00
Model: Arduino Sensor
Opening size:13mmx13mmNon-linearity 3%(10%-120% rated input current)1.5m leading wire,Φ3.5 3 core plug standard output.Two form of output current, voltage (voltage output built-in the sampling resistor).YHDC 100A SCT-013-000 NON INVASIVE AC CURRENT SENSORCore material: ferriteMechanical strength: op..
Rs 900.00
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