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HT12E Encoder IC in Pakistan

HT12E Encoder IC in Pakistan

HT12E is a 2^12 series encoder IC widely used in remote control and very common among Radio Frequency RF applications. This HT12E IC capable of converting 12 bit Parallel data inputs into serial outputs. These bits are classified into 8 (A0-A7) address bits and 4(AD0-AD3) data bits. Using the address pins we can provide 8 bit security code for secured data transmission between the encoder and the decoder. The encoder and decoder should use the same address and data format. HT12E is capable of operating in a wide Voltage range from 2.4V to 12V and also consists of  a built in oscillator. Let’s move into the working of HT12E encoder IC.



The pin Description of the IC HT12E was pretty simple to understand with total of 18 pins.

  • VDD and VSS: Positive and negative power supply pins.
  • OSC1 and OSC2: Input and output pins of the internal oscillator present inside the IC.
  • TE: This pin is used for enabling the transmission, a low signal in this pin will enable the transmission of data bits.
  • A0 – A7: These are the input address pins used for secured transmission of this data. These pins can be connected to VSS for low signal or left open for high state.
  • AD0 – AD3: This pins are feeding data into the the IC. These pins may be connected to VSS for sending LOW since it is a active low pin
  • DOUT: The output of the encoder can be obtained through  this pin and can be connected to the RF transmitter.

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HT12E Encoder IC in Pakistan
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