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Instruments and Tools

Instruments and Tools
Model: Power Adapter
12V 1A Power Adapter in Pakistan..
Rs 150.00 Ex Tax:Rs 150.00
Model: Motor Speed Controller
12V DC Fan Speed Controller Simple and reliable control pulse switched between power source and the receiver. Power can come from a battery or AC adapter with adequate current capacity. Load can be any DC motor or a light bulb.Selected parameters:1. Suitable for engine speed control, eg. d..
Rs 150.00 Ex Tax:Rs 150.00
Model: Memory Card
16Gb Class 10 Sumsung Micro SD CardEVO               SeriesCapacity       16GB48MB/s Memory Speed16GB CLASS 10 SUMSUNG MICRO SD CARD CAPTURE FASTERSave your precious memories—fast. This Ultra High Speed memory card is UHS-1 enable..
Rs 920.00 Ex Tax:Rs 920.00
Model: Instruments & Tools
2.5X 7.5X 10X Helping Hand LED Lights With Auxiliary Clip AC/DC..
Rs 1,200.00 Ex Tax:Rs 1,200.00
240×128 Graphical Blue LCD Controller in Pakistan
2 - 3 Days
Model: LCD
240×128 Graphical Blue LCD Controller in Pakistan..
Rs 3,850.00 Ex Tax:Rs 3,850.00
Model: Instruments & Tools
A useful aid for soldering work or model makersAdjustable crocodile holding clampsBottom battery compartment is furnished with steel plate which can enhance stabilityComplete with magnifying glassIdeal when a third hand is neededWith two LED lighting, this model can work well in the dark environment..
Rs 800.00 Ex Tax:Rs 800.00
Model: Header
40 Pin Female Header in Pakistan..
Rs 20.00 Ex Tax:Rs 20.00
Model: Header
40 Pin Male Header in Pakistan..
Rs 15.00 Ex Tax:Rs 15.00
Model: Memory Card
The Samsung Plus 8GB MicroSD card is compatible with mobile phones and tablet PCs and offers excellent data transfer speed.Up to 24MB/s transfer speedGreat for Cell phones, Smartphones, Android Tablets, Tablet PCs.Ideal upgrade to Android devices, smartphones, tablets and digital..
Rs 620.00 Ex Tax:Rs 620.00
Model: Instruments & Tools
Description:These jumper wires are just what you need for prototyping on a PCB. At either end there are 40 individual female connectors whilst in the middle, the wires are joined in a ribbon.Simply pull the ribbon apart and split off what you need. For instance if you need a 4 pin cable, simply pull..
Rs 60.00 Ex Tax:Rs 60.00
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