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Instruments and Tools

Instruments and Tools
12V DC Fan Speed Controller
Model: Motor Speed Controller
12V DC Fan Speed Controller Simple and reliable control pulse switched between power source and the receiver. Power can come from a battery or AC adapter with adequate current capacity. Load can be any DC motor or a light bulb.Selected parameters:1. Suitable for engine speed control, eg. d..
Rs 150.00
Model: DC Valves
Description:High quality replacement part for use with pipelines in water, air and diesel applicationsActing Motion: Direct actionMedium: Air, water, dieselOperating Type: Directly drivenState: Normally closedSupply Voltage: 220V DCPipe Size: 1/2″Operating Pressure: 0kg/cm2 – 10kg/cm2Fluid Temperatu..
Rs 1,600.00
Model: Memory Card
16Gb Class 10 Sumsung Micro SD CardEVO               SeriesCapacity       16GB48MB/s Memory Speed16GB CLASS 10 SUMSUNG MICRO SD CARD CAPTURE FASTERSave your precious memories—fast. This Ultra High Speed memory card is UHS-1 enable..
Rs 920.00
Model: Instruments & Tools
Four lead wires, easy to use, plus driving voltage 5-10V, force changes in the output voltage signal directly.Installation: Sensor end through the screw hole fixed and the other end left floating state, according to the label indicates the direction of the gravitational force exerted particular atte..
Rs 450.00
Model: Instruments & Tools
2.5X 7.5X 10X Helping Hand LED Lights With Auxiliary Clip AC/DC..
Rs 1,200.00
240×128 Graphical Blue LCD Controller in Pakistan
Model: Instruments & Tools
A useful aid for soldering work or model makersAdjustable crocodile holding clampsBottom battery compartment is furnished with steel plate which can enhance stabilityComplete with magnifying glassIdeal when a third hand is neededWith two LED lighting, this model can work well in the dark environment..
Rs 750.00
Model: Memory Card
The Samsung Plus 8GB MicroSD card is compatible with mobile phones and tablet PCs and offers excellent data transfer speed.Up to 24MB/s transfer speedGreat for Cell phones, Smartphones, Android Tablets, Tablet PCs.Ideal upgrade to Android devices, smartphones, tablets and digital..
Rs 620.00
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