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Load Cell Sensor Weighing Sensor in Pakistan

Load Cell Sensor Weighing Sensor in Pakistan

This is a half-bridge load sensor, which is widely used in weight scales. When the half-bridge is being stretched, it sends signal via the red signal wire. You can use multiple load sensors simultaneously to increase the capacity range.

Two sensors full-bridge measurements: 50kgx2=100kg
Four sensor full-bridge measurements: 50kgx4=200kg
Parallel use to add additional capacity

Capacity (kg): 50
Comprehensive error (%F.S): 0.10
Output sensitivity (mv/V): 1.0±0.15%
Nonlinearity (%F.S): 0.05
Repeatability (%F.S): 0.05
Hysteresis (%F.S): 0.05
Creep (%F.S/3min): 0.1
Zero Drift (%F.S/1min): 0.1
Temp. Effect on zero (%F.S/10°C): 0.3
Temp. Effect on Output (%F.S/10°C): 0.1
Zero Output (mv/V): ±0.3
Input Resistance (Ω): 1000±10
Output Resistance (Ω): 1000±10
Insulation Resistance (MΩ): ≥2000 (100VDC)
Excitation Voltage (V): 10
Operation Temp. Range (°C): -10~+50
Overload Capacity (%F.S): 150
Method of connecting wire: Red= Sig + ; White= Exc –; Black= Exc +
Dimension (mm): 34*34*8

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Load Cell Sensor Weighing Sensor in Pakistan
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