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PIR Motion Sensor Module HCSR501

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The PIR type sensor allows motion detection, used to detect the presence of people in rooms in alarm and lighting systems. The sensor is supplied with a voltage from the range of 4.5 V to 20 V, has a range of up to 7 m. Detection of the object is signaled by a high state. 

The digital output enables the connection of the sensor with any board equipped with a microcontroller, eg Arduino , STM32Discovery or a Raspberry Pi mini computer .


Power supply (4.5 V to 20 V) should be connected to external terminals marked with VIN and GND, respectively, in the figure below. The detection of the object in the sensor's field of view is signaled by a high state appearing on the OUT output. 


PIR HC-SR501 motion detector - outputs


Thanks to potentiometers, the user can regulate:

  • T1 - duration of the high state after detecting the object 
  • T2 - sensitivity of the sensor (the distance in which it detects the movement of the object)


Using the jumper, which must be soldered individually, the operating mode is chosen from among the two available:

  • retriggering  (jumper in H position) - the output reaches a high state after detecting the object and it is maintained during the whole detection time of the ongoing motion, the sensor is by default in this mode (without jumper)
  • non-retriggering (jumper in L position) - the output reaches a high state only once after the detection of the object, then it goes into a low state regardless of whether the traffic continues



  • DC supply voltage: from 4.5 V to 20 V
  • Power consumption in standby mode: 50 uA
  • Measuring range: max. 7 m
  • Viewing angle: up to 100 °
  • Digital output: 
    • High state - object detected
    • Low condition - no object
  • Dimensions of the module base: 32.5 x 24.5 mm
  • The diameter of the bowl: 23 mm
  • The height of the bowl: 18 mm
  • Total height: 30 mm (including elements mounted at the bottom of the plate)

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PIR Motion Sensor Module HCSR501

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