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Euler | Raspberry Pi UPS 5V Battery Backup

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If You are looking for PiJuice HAT, or Raspberry Pi power hat, power backup, 5v ups or Uninterruptible power supply for your Raspberry pi, You are in right place. This Euler named product is basically Raspberry Pi UPS 5V Battery Backup which is going to take care of electric power failure problems and your raspberry pi will be alive while power failure. The Euler has the following features and specifications.

Specifications And Features:
  1. Model Name=Euler ( V1.2)
  2. Backup Time= 3 hours At 5W Load
  3. Serial Communication With Raspberry Pi
  4. Battery Low Alert On Serial Port
  5. Battery Full Alert On Serial Port
  6. Battery Low Shut Down CountDown Available
  7. All status is available on the serial port for Raspberry pi.
  8. Battery Low Indication
  9. Battery Full Indication.
  10. Main Power Available Indication
  11. Output Current Capacity= 3A
  12. Input Voltage= 12V/3A
  13. Battery Cuttoff Switch
  14. etc

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Huzaifa janjua - July 07, 2022