UT601 Inductance Capacitance Meter in Pakistan

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UT601 Inductance Capacitance Meter in Pakistan

UT600 series RCL meter is a kind of 3.5-bithandheld digital meter with stable performance, safety, reliability, highaccuracy and manual range. It can be used to measure the magnification times β of audion, diode forward voltage drop and circuit continuity. UT601has wide capacitance measurement range from 0.1pF~20mF and highaccuracy. UT602 can hold data. UT 600 series is applicable to testingresistance, capacitance and inductance of electronic laboratory, productionline, maintenance point and teaching. It is the ideal tool of maintaining formany users.


Specifications Range Best Accuracy
Model UT601
Resistance (Ω) 20Ω/200Ω/2KΩ/20KΩ/200KΩ/2MΩ/20MΩ/200MΩ/2000MΩ ±(0.8%+1)
Capacitance (C) 200pF/2nF/20nF/200nF/2uF/20uF/200uF/2mF/20mF ±(0.5%+10)
Display Count 1999
Manual Range
Continuity Buzzer
Low Battery Indication
General Characteristic 
Power 9V Battery(6F22)
LCD Size 61mm X 32 mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 310g
Product Size 172mm X 83mm X38 mm
Standard Accessories Battery, Test Clip,Holster
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box, English Manual
Standard Quantity Per Carton 40 PCs
Standard Carton Measurement 598mm X 418mm X 340mm  (0.085 CBM Per Standard Carton)
Standard Carton Gross Weight 21Kg


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