Variable Resistor RM065

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Cermet preset is a compact variable resistor and pcb mountable with 3 terminal pins. The voltage between the terminal varies as the preset is rotated. The Variable resistors are used for variating voltage as per the need in a circuit. The outer two pins are connected to Vcc and 0V, and cetner pin outputs a variable volatge between 0v and Vcc as the rotary cermet is rotated.


  1. Track
  2. Resistance: 330ohm
  3. No. of Turns: 1
  4. Resistance Tolerance: ± 10%
  5. Temperature Coefficient: ± 100ppm/°C
  6. Potentiometer Mounting: Through Hole
  7. Adjustment Type: Top
  8. Contact Resistance Variation +: 1%
  9. Full Power Rating Temperature: 85°C
  10. Lead Diameter: 0.5mm
  11. Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  12. Resistance: 330ohm
  13. Resistor Element Material: Variable Rotary Cermet

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