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Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino 2nd Edition Book

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About This Book

  • Revolutionize the way you automate your home by combining the power of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Build simple yet awesome home automated projects using an Arduino and the Raspberry Pi
  • Learn how to dynamically adjust your living environment with detailed step-by-step examples

Who This Book Is For

If you are new to the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino, or home automation and wish to develop some amazing projects using these tools, then this book is for you. Any experience in using the Raspberry Pi would be an added advantage.

What You Will Learn

  • Set up the Raspberry Pi and the Cooking Hacks Arduino bridge shield
  • Work with electronic components to build small circuits
  • Develop applications that interact with your circuits
  • Use thermistors, FSRs, and photoresistors to monitor and control your surroundings
  • Communicate with your Raspberry Pi from an Arduino Uno via Ethernet
  • Send yourself e-mail updates when a parcel arrives at your home
  • Control your own mains power with a relay shield and even connect a motor to your Raspberry Pi
  • Build a device that checks for damp/flooding using the Arduino bridge shield and Raspberry Pi

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    Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino 2nd Edition Book

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