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USB To Rs485 TTL Serial Converter in Pakistan

USB To Rs485 TTL Serial Converter in Pakistan

USB adapter is a type of protocol converter which is used for converting USB data signals to and from other communications standards. Commonly, USB adaptors are used to convert USB data to standard serial port data and vice versa.

Most commonly the USB data signals are converted to either RS232RS485RS422 or TTL serial data. The older serial RS423 protocol is rarely used any more, so USB to RS423 adapters are less common.

Support devices with RS485 interface: surveillance cameras, video capture device, fingerprint attendance machine, PBX, CNC machine, microcontroller, etc.
Standard: USB2.0 standard, backward compatible, in line with the standard RS485
Direction control: the use of automatic data flow control, auto distinguish and control data transfer direction
Baud rate:300-9216000bps, automatically detecting the serial signal data rate
Load capacity: support multipoint, each converter allows RS485 interface device to connect 32
Interface Protection: TVS tube protection, USB self-recovery protection
Support Windows98/ME/2000/XP/WIN7/Vista, Linux, Mac
Size: 75*18*14mm
Net weight: 15 g


USB to serial RS232 adapters are often used with consumer, commercial and industrial applications and USB to serial RS485/RS422 adapters are usually mainly used only with industrial applications.

Adapters for converting USB to other standard or proprietary protocols also exist; however, these are usually not referred to as a serial adapter.

The primary application scenario is to enable USB based computers to access and communicate with serial devices featuring D-Sub (usually DB9 or DB25) connectors or screw terminals, where security of the data transmission is not generally an issue.

USB serial adapters can be isolated or non-isolated. The isolated version has opto-couplers and/or surge suppressors to prevent static electricity or other high-voltage surges to enter the data lines thereby preventing data loss and damage to the adapter and connected serial device. The non-isolated version has no protection against static electricity or voltage surges, which is why this version is usually recommended for only non-critical applications and at short communication ranges.

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USB To Rs485 TTL Serial Converter in Pakistan
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