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UT210E UNI-T Mili Amp True RMS Digital Clamp Meter

UT210E UNI-T Mili Amp True RMS Digital Clamp Meter
UT210 series Mini Clamp is provided with the features of high reliability, security, auto range , and small-size.
It can test the small current signal precisely; the chip itself has VFC start-up model, and there is a Specific filter circuit inside, which can filter the high frequency interference signal and ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
It can be applied in the situation such as variable frequency voltage and current with VFC .
It has the design of full range of overload protection ,along with the unique exterior design, which makes it a more remarkable new practical electric testing instrument.
UT210E (Main features)
1 Ultra-portable tools for advance electricians
2 100A AC and DC current measurement with 1mA resolution
3 True RMS response for AC current
4 V.F.C function for measuring signal at variable frequency
5 600V AC and DC voltage measurement
6 Resistance, diode, continuity and capacitance functions
7 Non-contact voltage detection with LED indication
8 Display backlight
9 Data HOLD, MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN, and ZERO model

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UT210E UNI-T Mili Amp True RMS Digital Clamp Meter
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