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WeMos D1 R1 WiFi ESP8266 Development Board in Pakistan

WeMos D1 R1 WiFi ESP8266 Development Board in Pakistan
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The UNO Based ESP8266 Nodemcu Development Board in the form of the Arduino UNO board format. This WeMos D1 R1 board is compatible with the Arduino IDE and with NodeMCU.

The board is controlled by the ESP8266 chip (a 32-Bit processor) and has a larger flash memory compared to an Arduino Uno. It consists of 11 digital I/O pins and 1 analog (input) pin. the board can be connected using a Micro-B type USB cable.

The ESP8266 is an extremely popular microcontroller similar to Arduino with built-in WiFi. Typical ESP8266 ESP-12 boards do not have a convenient power or programming connection. It requires you to figure out how to supply 3.3V and more before you can work with them.

These boards take care of that and break out the pins to the ubiquitous Arduino UNO pattern so that you can use DuPont cables directly and can even use some UNO shields (provided that the shield is compatible with the pin layout, voltage, etc).

Features :

  1. Based on ESP-8266EX.
  2. Arduino compatible, using Arduino IDE to program.
  3. Support OTA wireless upload.
  4. Onboard 5V 1A Switching Power Supply (highest input voltage 24V).
  5. The direct use of Arduino IDE development, the same operation with Arduino UNO.

Useful Links:

Programming The Esp8266 Wemos-D1R2 Using Arduino Software/IDE

Package Includes :

1 x UNO Based ESP8266 Nodemcu Development Board

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WeMos D1 R1 WiFi ESP8266 Development Board in Pakistan
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