1/4 x 3 x 12 2Flute Straight Cutter Wood Milling Cutter In Pakistan

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Features: 1. Specially prepared for bench trimming machine, portable engraving machine and so on. 2. No polishing, smooth cutting, no burrs, no burrs, no blackening. 3. Wide range of applications, such as factory building materials, home shops, carpentry enthusiasts. 4. The blade is made of high-quality hard alloy and has been carefully designed, developed and tested, which makes the blade sharper and improves service efficiency and durability.

Operation precautions: (1) The woodworking milling cutter is specially designed for the portable and desktop woodworking engraving machine, and cannot be used in the machine like electric drill, drilling machine and so on. (2) Cutting tools can produce a smooth surface for wood such as hardwood, softwood and synthetic board, but should avoid processing metal materials such as copper and iron as well as non-wood materials such as sand and stone. (3) Make sure to use the clamping sleeve of appropriate size, because it is worn seriously, not round enough and with taper of inner bore cannot provide enough clamping strength, which leads to vibration or fly off when the blade handle is broken. (4) Never assume that the new jacket is safe and reliable.When uneven contact marks or grooves are found in the handle part after clamping, slip situation and inner hole deformation of the clamp should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents. (5) When the cutter is installed and clamped, stop the machine immediately if it is found that the knife has a fluttering phenomenon when working. Repeat the clamping for several times so that the tool handle and the clamping sleeve are in full contact and the work is carried out. (6) The tool handle should be in good contact with the clamping sleeve, and the tool handle must be fully inserted into the clamping sleeve and tightened firmly, so as to provide sufficient clamping force for the tool.A small part should not only be inserted into the sleeve, otherwise, it may cause breakage of the shank and damage to the cutter. (7) Appropriate research and ear protection devices should be used during the operation.

Package Included: 1 X 1/4 x 3 x 12 2 flute Milling cutter

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Umer Awan - July 07, 2022