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13.56MHz Rfid Tag Key Ring Tag RFID Card In Pakistan

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RFID card or RFID ring is used for sensing and identifying tagged people and objects for access control, automation, and a whole range of different applications. This basic RFID tag works in the 13.56Mhz RF range and comes with a uniqueID. It is not re-programmable. This blank, smooth, and the mildly flexible RFID tag is ready for your logo (or hand-drawn scribble).

Specifications and Features of RFID key ring:

  1. The Response frequency: 13.56 Mhz
  2. Size: 40.5 mm * 32 mm * 4.2 mm
  3. Material: ABS.
  4. Chip type: FM1108 Fudan Chip, sensing short is 2-5 m
  5. Memory capacity: 8 kbit

Package includes:

1x RFID Ring

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shahwaiz Aslam - July 07, 2022