2 Channel Pulse Delay Control Module Board MACH3

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MACH3 Charge Pump 2 Channel Pulse Delay Control Module Board used for delay purpose while powering up your computer or laptop.


  1. This module can connect to the MACH3 interface board. There are 2 channels on the board. one is used for charge pump, the other one as a delay control function.
  2. The charge pump function is designed to solve the machine error caused by the unsteady pulse output from the start parallel port when the MACH3 software is not started.
  3. 5V power supply is used on the board. A and B are input, respectively controlling the on-off of A and B relays.
  4. The jumper pin on the board and the potentiometer are used to adjust the sensitivity of the pulse input to the response of the relay
  5. The six terminal port detail printed on the front of the board, namely 5V GND INB GND GND INA


  1. Power supply:5V
  2. Channel: 2
  3. Size: 5.7*4.5*1.5cm/2.2*1.8*0.6in
  4. Weight: Approx.45g/1.6oz

Wiring method:(used for charge pump):

  1. Connect the INA and INB on the board. Then connected to P14 of MACH3. Set P14 port on MACH3 as a charge pump port.
  2. The EN pin (EN+) of each shaft motor drive of X, Y,Z,A and B to be controlled is connected in parallel, and the EN+ of each drive is connected to 5V. The EN- pin of each drive is connected together and connected to the intermediate relay output pin of A circuit relay of this module. The N/C pin of the relay is connected to GND
  3. The ground wire of PWM output by the spindle, or the signal controlled by 0-10, is interrupted from the middle, and one side is connected to the relay output pin in the middle of the B relay. The N/O pin of the relay is then connected to the ground wire controlled by 0-10 of the frequency converter.

Wiring method:(used for Delay Control Module):

  1. turn on the B, C of MACH3. It is equipped with two impulse control outlets.
  2. 5V of interface board, ground wire, and configured interfaces are connected to INA, INB. When G code has B and C have pulse output. The relay will move. The size of the pulse determines the length of the delay. Generally from 1 second to half an hour is ok. The delay precision is within 0.5 seconds.

Package Includes:

1 x MACH3 Charge Pump 2 Channel Pulse Delay Control Module Board

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