300A CT 300Amp Current Transformer

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This 300A CT or 300Amp Current Transformer can test, control, display and record the running operation of an electrical equipment. And it is also used to protect the equipment against possible damage from increase in amperes or amperage.It works in AC circuit with rated voltage value below 660V and AC frequency of 50-60Hz. The product can also be applied to form a complete set of mine transformer.*Product images shown may differ from actual product sold. However, product specifications are correct.

Specifications and features:
  1. Primary current 300A
  2. Secondary current 5A
  3. Dimensions: 80mm x 61mm x 37mm (H x W x D)
  4. Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
  5. Maximum operating voltage 660V AC
  6. Rated Test Voltage Isolation 3KV AC (1min)
  7. Rated shot-time thermal current (Ith) 60In
  8. Rated dynamic current (Idyn) 2.5Ith
  9. Rated voltage (Um) 0.72KV AC
  10. Continuous overload (Id) 1.2In
  11. Operating temperature -10°C ~ 80°C
  12. Rated security coefficient FSB < 5
Package Includes :

1 x 300A Current Tranformer Module MSQ-30

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Adeel - July 07, 2022