5.8GHZ Microwave Radar Motion Sensor Module

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The frequency of the Microwave radar motion sensor module is 5.8GHz. This microwave module will not affect any 5 GHz home WIFI devices. The microwave motion sensor can also be used as the alternative of PIR motion sensors. This doppler motion sensor gives a wider angle field of view. In the shape, it is slimmer than the PIR sensor. This radar sensor consumes less power. This sensor uses less power so you can use this Microwave radar module over the PIR sensor. It operates on 5.8 GHz frequency so it will work through walls also. You have to attach a microcontroller with it to process the data. Hold that sensor as the board with the white connector facing away from you, the rightmost pin R1 is Analog output pin. The center pin is just for ground and the left most pin is for Vcc. You can give 5V with Arduino.

Features Of Doppler Motion Sensor Microwave Radar Module:

  • This microwave sensor using a planar antenna and then receives for the echo.
  • The switch is the active sensor.
  • The sensors through high-frequency electromagnetic waves and this sensor receive them for the echo.
  • This sensor detects changes within for echo.
  • The sensors detect small changes in the detect range.
  • This sensor sends the signal to MCU and executes instructions.
  • These radar sensor signals are likely to be detected through the door, glass and thin walls.
  • This microwave radar module gets the best probe result if a person moving toward the sensor.
  • This module has a strong anti-jamming capability, and almost without wind, heat and other environmental factors foreign interference.

Specifications Of Microwave Radar Sensor Module Smart Sensor Switch 6-9M/16-26ft For Home Control:

  1. Working voltages are between 3.3-20VDC
  2. Standby quiescent current is <3mA
  3. Transmit power is <2mW
  4. The working environment temperature is almost -20 ~ +80 Centigrade
  5. it has Repeat Trigger by default
  6. The output signal is a TTL level. it will high->3.3V/ and it will Low->0V
  7. Detection angle is 360°(spherical) no dead ends
  8. Detection range is almost 3-8 meters/16-26ft, the default setting about 7 meters
  9. The working delay is 1 second to hundreds of seconds, the default setting 30S.

Usage notice:

  • It is better away from the wall about 3-4 meters against getting a sensor from another side of the wall.
  • Open areas more responsive.

Applications (typical) :

  • Security
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Body sensors toys
  • Industrial automation and control
  • Auto-sensing electrical equipment
  • Battery-powered automatic control

Package includes:

  • 1x5.8GHZ Microwave Radar Motion Sensor Module

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