8x12cm Double Sided Fiberglass PCB Veroboard Stripboard Circuit Project Board

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8x12cm Project Board Veroboard is a brand of stripboard, a pre-formed circuit board material of copper strips on an insulating bonded paperboard which was originated. It was introduced as a general-purpose material for use in constructing electronic circuits – differing from purpose-designed printed circuit boards (PCBs) in that a variety of electronics circuits may be constructed using a standard wiring board. The high quality of glass fiber FR4 material and the great durability of the Vero board can always meet your requirements in various situations. DIY stripboards, which wide applicable for electronic experiments and point-to-point DIY soldering projects. the pre-tinned plated holes on the board can easily use for solder components and sensors for your projects.

Features Of 8x12cm Veroboard Bread Board PCB Project Board For Prototyping Weld Soldering Arduino DIY:

  • All holes are plated through.
  • All holes are thorough, smooth, and clear
  • Both sides are identical.
  • Stripboard Just like Veroboard
  • Good quality product individually sealed to prevent tarnishing
  • This item is of a superior quality to most other boards on offer and is guaranteed to be easier to solder
  • This product is manufactured from copper-clad laminated board
  • This product is ideal for prototyping, educational products, etc.
  • The product is a double-sided PCB prototype stripboard. Size is 8x12cm, the pitch of 2.54mm, a pore size of 1.00mm.
  • Pre-tinned plated holes on the board make it very handy to solder components and sensors for your projects. Stripboards to meet your demands when designing electronic experiments and DIY projects.
  • High quality of durable glass fiber material with 1.6mm thickness makes a very solid and sturdy prototype circuit board, a tin plating process makes the welding component easier.
  • The stripboards are easy to weld and can be cut to other sizes as desired.

Specifications Of 8x12cm Double Side Dot Glass Fiber Stripboard PCB Printed Prototype Vero Board:

  1. Grid Or Pitch: 2.54mm
  2. Thickness: 1.6mm.
  3. Hole diameter: 1mm.
  4. Material: FR-4 Glass Fiber
  5. Color: Green.
  6. Dimension: 8c12cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 8x12cm Veroboard Stripboard PCB Printed Circuit Project Board

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