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AFE4403 Integrated AFE for Heart-Rate Monitors and Pulse Oximeters Evaluation Board

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The AFE4403EVM is intended for evaluating the AFE4403 device. The fully integrated AFE is ideally suited for Pulse Oximeter and Heart rate monitoring applications and consists of low noise receive channel, the LED transmit section and diagnostics for sensor and LED fault detection. The AFE4403 has a very highly configurable timing controller enabling the user to have complete control of the device’s timing characteristics. The device also has an integrated oscillator working off from two clock sources: either an external crystal or the clock from an external host processor to ease clocking requirements and provide a low jitter clock to the AFE4403. The device communicates to an external host processor using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The purpose of the AFE4403EVM is to expedite evaluation and system development activities related to AFE4403 device.


  1. DB9 pulse oximeter sensor cable support
  2. Acquire data at up to 3000 Hz in evaluation mode
  3. USB based power and PC application connectivity
  4. Access to all AFE4403 registers via an easy-to-use GUI
  5. USB-based firmware upgrade option
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1XAFE4403 Integrated AFE for Heart-Rate Monitors and Pulse Oximeters Evaluation Module

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Waleed Ashraf - July 07, 2022