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Aluminum 2WD TT Robot/Motor Chassis

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This Aluminum Chassis in Blinka purple makes for an excellent robot body. It's a single piece of bent 2mm thick aluminum, with a variety of holes, slots, and cutouts for mounting boards, sensors, and servos. The sides are notched to fit two DC Gear 'TT' motors perfectly - There are four M3 and nuts are included for mounting the motors. In the front you can screw on a ball caster. You can build a very sturdy (and quite handsome!) little robot rover with this metal frame.

  • It's made of aluminum so it's light and strong
  • The anodizing is quite attractive as a mobile
  • Can be used to build a 2-wheel mobile robot
  • Tons of mounting holes & slots!
  • You can drill and cut aluminum so it's easy to modify
  • There are ready mounting holes for Arduino UNO , and
  • Raspberry Pi 4
(though, for Raspberry Pi, there is some slight error).

Note: This is a kit with loose parts, you need to assemble it yourself, DIY :)

Packing List:

1x chassis with motors, tires, freewheels and fitting screws (Color of chassis May very)

Then you will also need a microcontroller and motor driver that can drive the 5V DC motors. We recommend one of the following

  • Arduino UNO, or
  • Shield-2AMotor (drives two motors)
  • Raspberry Pi 4

Mechanical Drawing:

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Asfi - July 07, 2022