Aux Cable In Pakistan

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"AUX" is short for auxiliary. ... AUX cables in stereo audio are also known as 3.5mm stereo audio cables, and also known as 1/8 inch stereo audio cables: These cables are almost always in the male-to-male format as you see above when used to connect an audio source to an audio output.

  1. The aux cable golden - 1 meter
  2. Simple, clean, functional
  3. The perfect cable to use with your phone, MP3 player or radio in your car for attaching a mobile device or to play music on your Hi-Fi.
  4. The finished cable is durable, strong
  5. Male to Male connector
  1. Color: Gold
  2. Meters:1 Meter
  3. Ampere of cable: 2.4 A
  4. Cable Length:1 Meter
  5. Color :Golden
  6. Connectors:Aux

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Khalil - July 07, 2022