Bluetooth 4.2 Receiver Board CSR8645 Amplifers Bluetooth Module

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  1. The product is suitable for converting audio amplifiers, amplifier boards DIY, amplifier preamp effects, etc.
  2. The traditional wired transmission is converted to wireless Bluetooth transmission. The module uses the QCC3008 high-fidelity Bluetooth chip. The Bluetooth 5.0 high-speed transmission ensures that the audio data is transmitted to the analog amplifier without loss. In order to achieve wireless HIFI level sound quality.
  3. The module supports APT-X lossless reception and the sound quality level reaches the CD level. Is a truly lossless Bluetooth receiver module. This module is a Bluetooth receiver that outputs a standard single-ended analog audio signal.
  4. The audio signal can be directly provided to the front or rear stage analog amplifier without additional DAC decoder. To facilitate DIY friend conversion needs.
  5. The module supports AUX input to facilitate external linear audio. Between the AUX and Bluetooth, imported NEC high-precision relays are used for switching. The AUX input is switched directly by the relay without any chip processing. Ensure lossless output of AUX audio to the amplifier.
Note: If the conversion, the Bluetooth work with a slight noise at the end of noise or interference with the sound, plus a small power supply 6-36V 500MA or more, to the Bluetooth module independent, you can solve the noise problem, and equipment sharing power easy to produce a total ground interference noise

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Bazil Riaz - July 07, 2022