BT151 SCR Triac Thyristor Datasheet

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A Thyristor is a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating N and P-type material. They act as bistable switches, conducting when their gate receives a current trigger, and continue to conduct while they are forward biased. Thyristors are synonymous to Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR).

Features BT151 Thyristor:

  1. High reliability
  2. High surge current capability
  3. High thermal cycling performance
  4. Average on state current of 7.5A
  5. Maximum gate trigger current of 15mA
  6. Maximum gate trigger voltage is 1.5V
  7. Holding current is 20mA
  8. RMS onstate current is 12A
  9. Repetitive peak off-state voltage of 800V
  10. Non repetitive peak on state current of 120A

Specifications BT151 Thyristor:



Rated Average On-State Current 7.5A Thyristor Type SCR Package Type TO-220AB Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 800V Surge Current Rating 132A Mounting Type Through Hole Maximum Gate Trigger Current 15mA Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage 1.5V Maximum Holding Current 20mA Pin Count 3 Length 10.3mm Width 4.7mm Height 9.4mm Dimensions 10.3 x 4.7 x 9.4mm Repetitive Peak Forward Blocking Voltage 800V Maximum Operating Temperature +125 °C Peak On-State Voltage 1.75V Repetitive Peak Off-State Current 0.5mA Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C

Package Includes:

1 x WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd, BT151-800R, Thyristor, 800V 7.5A, 15mA 3-Pin, TO-220AB

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