Ceiling LED Down Light 7W 220v

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What is down-light?

A recessed light or downlight is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight.

What is an LED downlight?

LED Downlights are light fixtures that can be easily installed into a hollow space in the ceiling. They are brilliant energy-saving lighting solutions that are designed for a plethora of applications. LED Downlights emit light in a downward direction with an accurate and narrow beam.


  • 220 V
  • 7 W downlight
  • long life
  • save up to 90% of electricity

Package Includes:

1 x Ceiling LED Down Light 7W 220v

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Usman - July 07, 2022