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EEPROM chip IC 24c256

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EEPROM 24c256 is a 256K-bit Serial CMOS EEPROM. EEPROM 24c256 is internally organized as 32,768 words of 8 bits each. Catalyst’s advanced CMOS technology substantially reduces device power requirements. The 24WC256 features a

  • 64-byte page write buffer
  • . The device operates via the I2 C bus serial interface and is available in 8- pin DIP or 8-pin SOIC packages.EEPROM 24c256 supports the I2C Bus data transmission protocol. This Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus protocol of EEPROM 24c256 defines any device that sends data to the bus to be a transmitter and any device receiving data to be a receiver. The transfer is controlled by the Master device which generates the serial clock and all START and STOP conditions for bus access. The EEPROM 24c256 operates as a Slave device. Both the Master device and Slave device can operate as either transmitter or receiver, but the Master device controls which mode is activated.

    Link For DataSheet EEPROM 24c256:

    EEPROM 24c256 Features:

    1. 1MHz I2 C bus compatible
    2. 1.8 to 6 volt operation
    3. Low power CMOS technology
    4. 64-byte page write buffer
    5. Self-timed write cycle with auto-clear
    6. 100,000 program/erase cycles
    7. 100 year data retention
    8. 8-pin DIP or 8-pin SOIC

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x EEPROM 24c256 IC

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