ESP8266-12E ESP-12E PCB Adapter Plate

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This ESP8266 Adapter Plate is an Adapter PCB Plate for ESP-07, ESP-08, ESP-12E ESP8266 SMD ESP8266 Module. These SMD ESP8266 modules have an unfriendly pin pitch. But by use of this adapter PCB, you can solder ESP-07, ESP-08 or ESP-12E modules and can use your favorite ESP8266SMD modules on breadboards or on perforated boards.

Specifications and Features :
  1. Dimensions: 31 x 28 x 3(L x Wx H) mm.
  2. Weight: 4 gm.
  3. PCB Thickness: 1.6mm.
  4. PCB Color: White.
  5. Pinouts: On top layer in black color.
  6. Enable Resistors: Yes 10K pull-up resistor populated on PCB.
  7. Compatible with Latest ESP-12F ESP8266 Wifi Module
  8. Reserved land-pattern for the 3.3V regulator: Yes, On bottom layer there is a land-pattern for a 3.3V regulator. To use 3.3V regulator you will need to desolder 0 Ohm jumper resistor R1. The VCC pin then becomes 4.5V to the 9V power input.
Package Includes :

1 x ESP8266 Adapter Plate

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Abdul wahab - July 07, 2022