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F450 drone kit DIY Quadcopter Flying Multicopter Heli Flame Wheel kit in Pakistan

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F450 drone kit Quadcopter Flying Multicopter Heli Flame Wheel kit is a DIY Do It Yourself kit available in Pakistan. It can be used to build a flying drone. The f450 quadcopter frame kit can also be used to build a drone that has a camera attached for photography. F450 Drone Flame Wheel KIT For RC MK MWC 4 Axis RC Multicopter is built with lightweight but durable material.

*Product image shown may be different from actual product sold. However, specifications are correct.

Specifications and features:

  1. Weight 0.45 kg
  2. The whole board can conduct up to 100A input
  3. Does not produce magnetic fields so there is less influence to any sensors installed.
  4. One side of the conducting board is for positve DC and the other side for nagetive.
  5. Possible for MultiCopter battery connection
  6. Up to 8 ESC/Motor can be connect to the Board
  7. Frame rotor is nylon+glass fiber for hardness and anti-press.
  8. Main board is made of glass fiber.
  9. Made of high composite PCB board. You could weld ESC and other connectors on the board.

Package includes:

1x f450 drone quadcopter DIY kit, which includes: 4x main arms 2x center boards screws,. etc

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sohaib - July 07, 2022