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Hybrid stepper motor Nema42 12nm,6A,1.8 degree high torque step motor 110J18115-460 stepping motor in Pakistan

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Hybrid stepper motor Nema42 With low noise, high precision and high speed, the application effect is very good. This high torque step motor from JMC has 12nm torque, 6A current, 1.8 degree rotation. 110J18115-460 JMC hybrid stepping motor can be utilized in various projects. The speed of the motor is controlled by the frequency of the pulses. The stepper motor is used for precise positioning with a motor, such as hard disk drives, robotics, antennas, telescopes, and some toys. Stepper motors cannot run at high speeds, but have a high holding torque.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Brand Name: JMC
  2. Model Number: 110J18115-460
  3. Phase: 2
  4. Type: Hybrid
  5. Current: 6A
  6. Inductance: 7mH
  7. Resistance: 0.47ohm
  8. Holding touque: 12Nm
  9. Rotor interria: 6gcm2
  10. Length: 115mm
  11. Inductance: 7mh
  12. Weight: 5.8kg
  13. Certification: CE, ROHS, ISO

Package includes:

1x Hybrid Stepper motor NEMA 42

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Huzaifa janjua - July 07, 2022