Instant Heat 60W 100W Dual Temperature Glue Gun

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Instant Heat 60W 100W Dual Temperature Glue Gun is the strongest glue you could hope for, meaning it will solve a task of any complexity. There is another option a cold glue gun, but what is the difference? Hot glue guns use high temperatures and work great with the toughest materials, such as wood and plastic. Moreover, the items that were glued with this kind of gun are more resistant to different weather conditions and can be safely placed outdoors. That said, at present, some manufacturers produce guns that can switch between high and low temperatures, which is pretty convenient. Take a look at Instant Heat 60W 100W Dual Temperature Glue Gun is a full-sized model that allows you to switch between 60W and 100W power depending on your needs. The product comes with two-finger protectors made from rubbers, which is a valuable accessory given that glueing under high temperatures poses certain safety risks. The tool is easy to use as it takes no more than 3 minutes for it to heat up. On top of that, the heat glue gun is corded and has a convenient ergonomic design, allowing you to work as long as you want.

Features of Instant Heat 60W 100W Dual Temperature Glue Gun:

  1. Lightweight, easy-squeeze trigger, rubber coating for easier cleaning, detachable stand to keep the gun stable
  2. The heater component of the product is made of positive temperature coefficient electric resistance
  3. It's heating very fast and automatic control temperature.
  4. The hot melt glue gun can use normally in 100V to 240V, inside place the fuse, use safer.
  5. It can be used at double power i.e at 60W & at 100W
  6. PTC heating system to ensure high power and quick heating, high glue output and fast melting.
  7. Heats quickly (3-5mins), no waste of time.

Specifications of Instant Heat 60W 100W Dual Temperature Glue Gun:

  1. Color: Deep Green
  2. Power: 60W / 100W (Switchable)
  3. Plug Type: EU
  4. Working Voltage: 110V-240V
  5. Frequency: 50-60Hz
  6. Material: Nylon
  7. Nozzle Material: Copper
  8. Indicator: LED
  9. Working Temperature: Approx. 160-180℃
  10. Heating Element: PTC
  11. Glue Output Frequency: 60 times/second
  12. Min. Output: 1ml
  13. Dia. of Nozzle: 2-3mm
  14. Suitable Glue Stick(Dia.): 11mm
  15. Stick Size: 10 * 1.1 * 1.1cm / 3.9 * 0.4 * 0.4in
  16. Cable Length: Approx: 140cm / 4.4ft
  17. Item Size: Approx: 16 * 4 * 16.5cm / 5.1 * 1.0 * 4.3in
  18. Item Weight: Approx: 291.5 g / 10.2oz
  19. Package Size: Approx: 29 * 23 * 7cm / 11.4 * 9.1 * 2.8in
  20. Package Weight: Approx: 545.8g / 19.3oz

Package Includes:

1 x Instant Heat 60W 100W Dual Temperature Glue Gun

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