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JST SM 3 Pins Plug Male and Female Wire Connector

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  1. JST male and female connector
  2. Material: plastic
  3. Length: 15cm approx. (2 pin single connector)
  4. Suitable for EL wire neon glow strip, LED lamp driver or LED strip power cable connection
  5. Color:colour may vary
  6. USE: No solder connector required
  7. Strip connector: For SMD color LED strip 5050/3528 RGB
  8. Usage: Led lamp driver or led strip connector
  9. Operating temperature: -20 60 °
  10. Storage temperature: -30 95 °

1. This 3-pin connector for LED strips, LED wall washers, LED underground light, LED belt light, curtain light, scintillating light, etc. 2. Reliable connect. 3 Suitable for dust, water, high detection performance Requirements of the electrical system, the modified and dust-resistant Xenon HID lamp, water resistant, high pressure, two in the plug connection are reliable and safe, without loose, light appearance and beautiful.

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1xJST SM 3 Pins Plug Male and Female Wire Connector

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Haris - July 07, 2022