Kapton Heat Resistant Tape 24mm

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Overview Of Kapton Heat Resistant Tape 24mm:

Kapton Tape is used to shield components from heat when reworking or de-soldering components from Mobile Phone / PC / Console logic boards.For example you want to remove a charging port connector using a hot air rework station or infra-red rework station, and do not want to desolder any other components exept the port itself.


  1. 100% Brand New
  2. One-side Self-adhesive
  3. Size : 24mm(width) x 80ft (+-5ft length)
  4. Type : Kapton Tape
  5. Heat Resistance: 280 Celsius


  1. Heater Fixing
  2. Motor Insulation
  3. Circuit Board Solder Masking
  4. PCB Board finger Temperature Spray masking

Package Include:

1x Kapton Heat Resistant Tape 24mm

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