LED Traffic Light Module 5v Digital Signal Output Light Emitting Module

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Features Of Led Traffic Light Module 5V Traffic Light Module Digital Signal Output-Red + green + yellow:

  • Independent interface:
    • The light-emitting module controls the red, yellow, and green lights separately, a total of four independent interfaces.
  • Fast response:
    • The light-emitting module can respond super fast, with strong anti-interference ability and high-cost performance.
  • Good performance:
    • The light-emitting module has ultra-low energy consumption, long transmission distance, and is very reliable.

Specifications Of Digital signal output Traffic light module Electronic building block:

  1. Voltage: 5V
  2. Input: Digital signal output
  3. Size: 61 * 21 * 11mm
  4. Color: red, yellow-green
  5. LED: 5mm * 3
  6. Brightness: Normal brightness
  7. Interface: common cathode red-yellow-green control

Package Include:

  • 1 x LED Traffic Light Module

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