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Mechanical Metal Gripper for Robot Mechanical Claw Robotic Arm Manipulator

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Specifications and Features:

  1. Name: 2 DOF Aluminum Robot Arm Clamp
  2. DOF: 2
  3. Paw material: aluminum alloy
  4. Paw weight: about 68g (without motor)
  5. Claws overall length: 108mm (overall maximum length when closed paw)
  6. Claws overall width: 98mm (maximum overall width of the paw when open)
  7. Paw maximum opening angle: 55mm (without expansion board when the maximum opening angle spacing of 55mm, the largest expansion board after the installation is 95mm)
  8. The Kit comes with hardware, assembly
  9. Clamp Max open is 55mm
  10. Clamp total length:108mm
  11. Clamp total width:98mm (when the Clamp open)
  12. Working voltage: 4.8-6V (when the Clamp open)
  13. The plank kit is very light
  14. Compatible with HS322, HS422, MG995, SG5010 servo

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Tatheer Ul Mehdi - July 07, 2022