Motion Sensor Detector LED Light Switch TDL-9958J

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Motion Sensor Detector LED Light Switch is based on PIR sensor + light sensor. This motion detector light switch TDL-9958J is activated by the detection of moving body heat, the load will stay on for a preset period of time usually 15 seconds. This PIR light switch TDL9958J can be customized according to the requirements. If body heat is no longer detected, the time period will elapse and the load will be switched off, compared with traditional pushbutton light it's more convenient.

Features Of Stainless Steel Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Switch TDL9958J:

  • Automatic induction: when people enter into the range of induction, it will turn on, when people leave, it will turn off with delay.
  • It can be applied to the corridor, passageway, toilet, basement, warehouse, garage,etc., which have the function of automatic lighting, and control.
  • Photosensitive control: it adopting photoactive control, it doesn't turn on during daylight or in a strong light environment.
  • Automatic random delay: After it turns on, in the delay period, if there is the presence of people, it keeps on working until people leave, then turn on with delay.
  • Status indicator: efficient LED indicator, which is easy for installation and fault analysis.
  • Temperature compensation: Tuodi specialized temperature compensation chip, which used to reduce the effect of temp. on detecting distance.

Specifications Of Electric Light Mini Motion PIR Cabinet Light Switch TDL-9958J:

  1. Model No.: TDL-9958J
  2. Function Description: Relay controls load
  3. Operating voltage: AC 110V~250V (50~60Hz)
  4. Operating temp.: -20 °C ~ +50 °C
  5. Static power: < 0.026W
  6. Load power: 800W
  7. Load Capacity: All kinds of lights, appliances
  8. Connecting style: Input220VAC,Output220VAC
  9. Output mode: Induction output
  10. Light control range: 5 Lux ~ 500Lux ± 20% (adjustable)
  11. Delay shutdown time: 16~350 Secs ± 30% (adjustable)
  12. Induction mode: Passive
  13. Induction angle: 360°coning angle
  14. Detecting distance: 5~7 M
  15. Installing method: roof installation/ceiling installation
  16. Dimension/color: 89 *36 mm / porcelain

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Motion Sensor LED Light Switch TDL-9958J

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