MS5900 - Motor & Phase Rotation Indicator

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100% new and high quality.

Unique Non-Contact Motor Direction Indicator : Just simply place indicator on top of motor & calibrate with Motor Shaft in order to confirm Motor Direction.

LED Indication for Rotating Status.

Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator is a handheld, battery-operated instrument designed to detect the rotary field of three-phase systems and determine motor-rotation direction.

Specifications: Circuit Analyzers : MS5900 Specifications Range Nominal Voltage Rotary Direction 1~400V AC Nominal Voltage Phase Indication 120~400V AC Frequency 2~400Hz Test Currents (In per phase) Less than 3.5 mA Features:
  1. Operating TEMP 0~40℃
  2. Operating Altitude 2000m
  3. Pollution Degree 2
  4. Relative Humidity 15~80%RH
  5. Power Supply : 1x9V 6F22 Battery
  6. Product Weight : 193g/0.43lb
  7. Certificate : RoHS
  8. Safety Rating : CATIII 600V
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1xMS5900 - Motor & Phase Rotation Indicator

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Mudassir - July 07, 2022