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NEMA34 Nema 34 6Nm Torque 75mm Stepper Motor For 3D Printer & CNC

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NEMA 34 75mm Stepper Motor is a high torque hybrid bipolar stepping motor with a 3.4×3.4 inch faceplate. NEMA 34 75mm Stepper Motor, Hybrid stepper has the combination of the features of the Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor and Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor. This motor has a step angle of 1.8 deg., which means that it has 200 steps per revolution and for every step, it will cover 1.8°. This NEMA 34 is a 2-Phase motor with 4 wires. Compatible controllers for this motor are CW230, CW250, and CW860.

Features of Nema 34 75mm Stepper Motor:

  • High performance, low price
  • Supply voltage from 35VDC
  • Overvoltage, under voltage, overcorrect, phase short circuit protection
  • Offline command input terminal
  • Motor torque is related to speed, but not related to step/revolution
  • High start speed
  • High holding torque under high speed

Specifications of Nema 34 75mm Stepper Motor:

  1. Body Length: 75mm
  2. Shaft Length: 30mm
  3. Shaft Size: 10mm
  4. Ampere: 6amp
  5. Step Angle Accuracy: ±5%
  6. Resistance Accuracy: ±10%
  7. Inductance Accuracy: ±20%
  8. Temperature Rise: 80℃ Max
  9. Ambient Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
  10. Insulation Resistance: 100MΩMin.500VDC
  11. Dielectric Strength: 500VAC for one minute
  12. Shaft Radial Play: 0.02Max.(450g-Load)
  13. Shaft Axial Play: 0.08Max.(450g-Load)


  1. CNC mills & milling machines.
  2. CNC lathes.
  3. Pick-n-place machines.
  4. Laser Engravers and Laser sCutters.
  5. Vinyl Sign Cutters.
  6. CNC Plasma Cutters.
  7. CNC Foam Cutters.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Nema 34 75mm Stepper Motor

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