OE-TP capacitive touch button light touch switch module digital touch sensor LED no pole dimming 10A DC 5-12V

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Product Description:

10A high current capacitive touch switch module, working sink current up to 3A, support stepless dimming, red and blue color indicator and other characteristics, can be widely used in lighting control, toys, household appliances, kitchen, bathroom mirror, and other products.

10A large sink current, multi-mode can be set

Mini small size, easy to install

Red and blue color indicator light

LED indicator is red, the touch sensor output is blue.

Specifications Model: OE-TP dimming (10A)

Power supply range: DC 5 ~ 20V (recommended 12v power supply)

Output current: sink current MAX 10A (recommended 3a work)

Protection function: power reverse protection

Sensing indication: the output red light

Work mode: configurable (default: with memory gradually dark, Promise dimming)

Touch distance: less than 6mm (glass acrylic)

Quiescent current: less than 5mA

Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85

Common anode connection:

For example, control of a 12V strip: VCC of a 12V power connector module.GND of the negative module.The controlled lamp has the VCC of the positive module. OUT of the negative module. After being powered on, the touch panel can be used to control the light strip, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted by touch.

For example, control of 12V motor speed regulation: VCC of the positive electrode module of a 12V power supply. GND of the negative module. VCC of the positive pole of the controlled motor. OUT of the negative module. After power-on, the motor can be controlled by a finger touch module, and motor speed control can be achieved by touch

Control interface: a total of 3 pins (VCC, GND, OUT), VCC as the power supply, GND as the ground, OUT as the digital signal output pin;

LED indicator: electric green (blue) light, touch sensing output red light.

Touch area: The inner area of the fingerprint icon is triggered by a finger touch.

Positioning hole: 2 M2 screw positioning holes, 2mm aperture, easy to install and position the module, to achieve module combination.

Application: 12V light bar (LED) brightness adjustment touch. 5-20V DC motor speed control.

Memory mode: the last brightness of the module set to boot the default brightness, the system power-down memory default value will be lost

Gradually brightening: light brightness gradually open to set the brightness, turn off the lights when the brightness gradually closed

Sudden bright light: lights when the brightness directly to set the brightness, turn off the lights when the lights directly off

Long press touch: to achieve stepless dimming, a long press touch, the brightness of the light gradually increased, the brightness of the light when the release time to release the brightness of the release, once again press the touch, the brightness gradually reduced.

When the brightness of the light when the release of the brightness of the release time, for motor speed, output voltage regulation and other occasions

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