Omron Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch E2E-X5ME1 PNP

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An inductive proximity sensor is a non-contact electronic proximity sensor. It is used for the positioning and detection of metal objects. Integrated circuit proximity switch, also known as a contactless proximity switch, which is composed of oscillator and shaping amplifier oscillation after oscillation in the sensing head switch produces a cross becomes a magnetic field, when the metal body close to the induction zone, the eddy currents in the metal body, thus by shaping amplifier for switching the binary signals, in order to test purpose.

Features And Specifications Of Inductive Proximity Sensor:

  • Model: NPN NO E2E-X5ME1
  • Type: DC 3 Wire
  • Proximity-sensing / Diffuse Type
  • Voltage: DC 6-36V
  • Current: 300mA
  • Sensory Distance: 5mm
  • Head Diameter: 1cm/0.4``
  • Body Size: 2 x 6cm/0.8`` x 2.4`` (Max.D*L)
  • Material: Plastic, Alloy
  • Color: Silver Tone, Gray
  • Cable Length: 1.2m/47``
  • Weight: 45g


  • Reliability and ease of use make the inductive proximity sensors the number one choice for numerous automation and robotics applications. These switches can detect any metal, and they are highly insensitive to contaminants such as dirt, dust, humidity, and oil.
  • An LED indicator alerts the user to whether the sensor is working.
  • Either NPN or PNP.
  • for use in 3D Printer, CNC, Food Processing Machines, Control Panelboard, Packaging machines, Heater Load, VMC machines

Package Include:

  • 1 x Inductive proximity sensor

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