Professional PCB Mount 5V 700MA 3.5W AC-DC Step Down Isolated Switching Power Supply Module

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5V 700mA 220W AC-DC precision Buck converter AC 3.5V to 5V DC step down transformer power supply module for WAVGAT also called DC step down Transformer power supply module, PCB MOUNT 5V 700MA 3.5W AC-DC, PROFESSIONAL PCB MOUNT.

  1. 100% new and high quality!
  2. This power supply for the industrial grade insulation module power supply, temperature protection, overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection, High and Low Voltage insulation
  3. AC85 ~ 265V input voltage ac / dc, current 431 voltage stability accuracy DC5V output
  4. Small size, stable performance, cost-effective
  1. Condition: new
  2. Quantity: 1 pcs
  3. Input voltage: ca 85 ~ 265 V 50/60 hz or DC 100 ~ 370 V
  4. Input: 0.0273A (AC110V) 0.014A (AC220V)
  5. Input current: 20 a
  6. Output voltage: DC 5 V (+/- 0.2 V)
  7. Output current 700 mA
  8. Power 3.5 W
  9. Operating temperature-20 60 degrees
  10. Relative Humidity 40-90% RH
  11. Output 5 V, 0a minimum current, maximum current 700mA, maximum current: 800mA, output range: 5.2 4.8 V, wave wave: 60mV
  12. Output power: 0-4 W (direct current)
  13. Output efficiency: 80%
  14. Superposition of the switch machine: Maximum 10%
  15. Output voltage rise time: 100 ms maximum
  16. Output voltage: 4.8-5.2 V recovery: Lock restart after recovery
  17. Output protection against overpower: Yes, Recovery: block, restart after recovery
  18. Protection against short circuits: Yes, automatic recovery after solving the problem
  19. Temperature protection: Yes, Recovery: blocking, restart after recovery
  20. Overcurrent protection: Yes, Recovery: blocking, restart after recovery
Package includes:

1 x power supply reducer module

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Muhammad Ammad - July 07, 2022