Raspberry Pi Starter Kit Without Raspberry Pi4

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Got to say – this new Pi 4 is splendid. All the cool kids are going to have it – but all the coolest kids are also going to have a big pack of super cool accessories.

We’ve hand chosen these accessories as the perfect accompaniment to your new Raspberry Pi 4 B . It’s everything you need to get going with a high-quality power supply, Raspbian 16G NOOBs SD card (newly updated to work on the Pi 4), lovely case, handy console cable, and lots of prototyping essentials. It’s a great jumping off point for the rest of our extensive accessory and pack collection.


Keep in mind that the form of the Pi 4 didn’t change much so many of the important accessories haven’t changed. The big changes are the built-in WiFi, on board Bluefruit Low Energy,

Package includes: NO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION QUANTITY 2 Raspberry Pi4 Case ------ 1 B242 3 BREADBOARD MB102 1 B262 4 RASPBERRY PI ADAPTER 3AMP 1 B283 5 USB CABLE 3AMP 1 B270 6 HDMI CABLE FOR LCD 1 B123 7 PUSH BUTTONS RED,GREEN,BLUE,WHITE,BLACK 5 B624 8 TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY SENSOR DHT11 1 B88 10 LIGHT SENSOR LM393 LDR MODULE 1 B16 11 RESISTORS 330,470,1K,10K,100K 20pcs each value 100 12 PACKING BOX 300mmX200mmX60mm 1 13 MICRO SD CARD 16GB 1 B308 14 Jumper wire HOLE TO HOLE 1 B577 15 Jumper wire PIN TO PIN 1 B703 16 LED RED, GREEN, YELLOW 25Pcs each color 75 17 MICRO SD CARD READER MICRO SD CARD READER 1 B562


If you receive Power supply with pre installed micro usb cable then you dont need 2amp usb cable. So Cable will not included in this case.

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