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Rectron Bridge Ractifier BR104 (Used Condition)

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This is a general-purpose diode bridge rectifier that can easily handle 5Aa load current for the load current. You can use it with a transformer, power supply, and many other applications that need 0 to 5A maximum current and 0 to 400v input.


  • type number: BR104
  • If (peak current): 200A
  • Vf (forward voltage): 1.1V max.
  • Vrrm (reverse voltage): 400V max.
  • Ir (reverse current): 10µA
  • Io (rectified current): 10A max.
  • Length: 19.6 mm
  • Width:19.6 mm
  • Height:7.5 mm

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Muhammad Ammad - July 07, 2022